Our Story

After meeting at a summer party in August 2009, Kaori & Ike, discovered they had a passion for teaching and shared many hobbies in common. It wasn't long before they started dating and eventually decided to tie the knot and get married. They now have 2 children and are happily living their dream of leading their own school in beautiful Tsuruga, Fukui. 

     Iker, more commonly known as "Ike" by his former students at Awano JHS, moved to Japan from Vancouver, Canada, in August 2009. Born in Mexico City, he later immigrated to Canada with his family at the young age of 12. After attending both JHS and SHS in Vancouver, he attended the University of British Columbia and received a degree in International Relations and Anthropology. Prior to moving to Japan, Iker received a TESOL teaching certificate in Beijing, China. Over the last ten years living in Tsuruga, Fukui, he has developed a great love and respect for this beautiful city and has the intention to help students become passionate about the many ways English can change their lives.


Iker Gomez Goroztieta
Kaori Gomez

   Originally from Tsuruga, Kaori's dream of studying abroad one day became a reality after graduating from Tsuruga SHS and moving to the United States. She studied English for 4 years at the College level and worked in several industries including Disneyland, Cornell's hotel management, and even as manager of a Sushi bar in New York City. After spending a total of 8 years in the U.S., Kaori returned to Tsuruga and taught at GEOS for 2 years before starting her own private school in 2011. She enjoys running marathons, traveling, and spending time with her charismatic children.