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This is our brand new location - a shipping container house built and designed by us in order to keep our students safer against COVID-19:

Our students come from a variety of different schools, backgrounds, and communities throughout Tsuruga. They all share the common goal of improving their English communications skills by flourishing through English. 


A Flexible

Learning Space

Our Teachers  

Both Kaori and Ike count with over 20 years of combined experience teaching students of all age groups. They are constantly on the lookout for the latest teaching techniques and materials that will keep lessons interesting and interactive. 


At Circle English Academy we are interested in one thing: helping our students to flourish through English. In order to do so, we work hard to provide students with the perfect chance to interact with each other using English and thus learn from one another.



Our venue offers students the chance to enjoy an interactive lesson that allows them to move freely without having to sit for the entirety of the lesson. This is why we are committed to keep our class size small (max. 6) so that all students have enough space to move around freely and learn together. 

Circle English Academy

A look at our previous location near Tsuruga Station: 

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