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At Circle English Academy, we offer lessons for different age groups through which our students can feel comfortable learning English amongst each other. 


In addition, we are committed to keeping the class size limited to a maximum of 6 students per lesson in order to give each student a fair opportunity to share his/her thoughts with the rest of the class. Each lesson will be conducted entirely in English in order to help students slowly become familiar with English in the most natural way possible. 


Kindergarten English Lesson  (3 - 6 years old)


In this lesson, students will be exposed to English that is slightly more difficult than their current level. This can be achieved by providing different types of activities such as  games, songs, coloring and drawing, and listening activities. The main purpose of the lesson is to help students familiarize themselves with English and gain the confidence they need to eventually express themselves using it. 



Elementary English Lesson  (6 - 9 and 9 - 12 years old)


In this lesson, students will practice phonics, the alphabet, songs and chants, and expand their vocabulary naturally by taking part in listening and speaking activities. In time, students will experience the fun of expressing themseles in written form as well. The main purpose of this lesson is to help students become more confident using English and experience the fun of learning about the world and its different cultures together. 

Junior High School English Lesson (12 - 15 years old)


Since all junior high school students are already familiar with basic grammatical English concepts, this lesson will provide them with varied opportunities to enforce what they already know, put it into practice, and learn news ways to express themselves. The main purpose of this lesson is to help students become more confident in using English, and discover the many ways in which English can make their lives more interesting. 

Senior High School English Lesson  (15 - 18 years old)


In this lesson, the main objective is to provide students with opportunities to put into practice and enforce their English skills. We will explore various topics and create chances for them to express their opinions and think critically about them. 

Adults English Conversation Lesson (Any age)


For this lesson, our classroom will become a casual way for our adult students to interact with each other using English by discussing various topics. The atmosphere will be relaxing and highly intereactive through the use of PowerPoint presentations, YouTube, movies, and English magazines' articles. 

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