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Frequently Asked Questions


Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our school, lessons, fees, and general schedule here.


How much is your registration fee? 


Our registration fee is a one-time-payment of 8,000 yen.


How many lessons are there per month? 


We always try our best for our students to receive 4 lessons per calendar month. In some cases, this may prove difficult due to national holidays or students absences.


How long are your lessons? 


Generally, most of our lessons are 50 mins. For more details, please refer to the lessons page. 


When and how should I pay for classes? 


Students fees are paid at the beginning of each month through an envelop system. 


If I miss a class, can I attend another class? 


Where possible, we try to accommodate students' absences. 


Do I get a discount on the monthly price if I miss a class? 


No, since all our classes are paid for on a montly basis, it is the students responsibility to attend class at the designated time. 


Are you open on national holidays? 


No, we are generally closed on national holidays.


What happens if I need to be absent for a month or more? 


Where possible, we try to accomodate students' absences. 


What kind of English do you teach at CEA? 


Most of our teching materials and curriculumn come from American and Canadian institutions.  


How do you asses students' progress? 


At CEA, we strongly believe that showing students' progress is an important aspect of learning a new language. Therefore, we have developed student's self-evaluations at the end of each Unit which will allow them to see their strong and weak points to work on. 

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