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Valentine's Day: How did it get started?


Do you know how Valentine's Day got started in the first place?

Why do people around the world celebrate it?

These are some of the questions I've often asked myself, and today I'd like to share with you a story that shares some insight to its beginning.

There are many many stories about the origins of Valentine's Day, but one of the most well-known stories speaks about a Catholic priest, Valentinus, who was imprisoned and sentenced to die in Rome in the third century. As it turns out, Valentinus fell in-love with the jailer's daughter. According to the story, she happened to be blind, but Valentinus had a special healing ability and was able to cure her blindness.

During his days in jail, she brought him food and delivered messages. The night before Valentiuns was executed, he wrote a good-bye note to the jailer's daughter and signed ist as: "Your Valentine."

Fastforward to today... and people in different countries around the world exchange valentine cards, chocolates, flowers, and other gifts.

How do you do you usually celebrate this day?

Regardless of how you do it, we hope you have a great and memorable day! :)


- Ike & Kaori

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