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Learning about Ireland with Nigel O'Mahoney

Tonight was our first special event desgined to allow out adult students have a chance to learn and interact with a foreigner guest speaker. Our event's theme was "Learning about Ireland," and we couldn't think of a better guest than our close friend, Nigel O'Mahoney, a third-year Irish JET ALT currently working at Mihama J.H.S.


During his 40 min talk, Nigel not only introduced some fun facts about Irish culture, but also offered some insight into one of the oldest, fastest, and most fascinating team field games that is unique to Ireland: Hurling!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.45.38 PM.png

What makes the game so crazy to watch is that the ball can be propelled along the ground or hit in the air, but it can only be taken into the hand if it’s been caught in full flight – something that requires considerable skill. The best players can take the ball onto the hurley, from the ground, while running at full speed and carry it, balanced or bouncing, on the broad end before passing or scoring. Tricky? Yes. Exciting to watch? Absolutely. The main traditional hurling areas remain south of a line from Dublin to Galway, with a small pocket in the Glens of Antrim. Cork and Kilkenny are the top hurling counties.

Following Nigel's talk, all of us headed out for dinner at Tsuruga's "Spice Town", a delicious restaurant which specializes in Indian/Nepalese dishes. :)


Suffice to say that everyone really enjoyed the event and are excited for the next one.

Why don't you join us?! ;)


- Ike

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